Dave Simpson Photographer

Hi, I’m Dave Simpson.  I’ve been photoing for over 10 years and have accreditations from both the New Zealand Photographic Society and the UK’s Royal Photographic Society.

I’m British born and bred, but moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2009.  We love it here!

I have a number of websites, but this is my main portfolio page, showing off some of my best work. I hope you find something you like.

And I’ve been posting between 5 and 10 photos every day on my other blog called ‘funkypancake‘ since April 2003.  That typically focusses on stuff i see in the street while going about everyday life.

I’m always up for a photography challenge so get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to talk about any opportunities.

I am available for all sorts of event and non-event photography including engagement photo shoots, on location model shoots etc.  Please contact me with your requirements.

Take care