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Arab Strap

Here’s a funny thing.  Stockholm (the place) has popped up in conversation twice in the last fortnight and i was reminded of my own visits to Stockholm when i lived in Europe.  I went a few times, both in winter and in summer and i instantled loved the city and people.

As part of my reminiscences i went to have a look at some of the photos i took , and while browsing remembered i’d seen the band Arab Strap one night in the Debasser night club (which I understand has recently shut down).  I remember the crowd were really friendly and even saved my place on the front row when i had to pop out to the bathroom!   I took these photos with my first compact camera which by today’s standards was very basic.  Somehow they came out, and a bit of modern editing means they are just about serviceable and capture the band in its 2003 glory, touring Europe!

So, here from 19th October 2003, is Arab Strap

and here’s the setlist

Arab Strap, Debasser, Stockholm October 2013 link:

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