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Cherie Currie live at the Kings Arms, Auckland


The amazing Cherie Currie (ex of the Runaways) live at the Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland, New Zealand shot for The Kings Arms Tavern and Under The Radar

160520_Cherie Currie_02

160520_Cherie Currie_03

160520_Cherie Currie_04

160520_Cherie Currie_05

160520_Cherie Currie_06

160520_Cherie Currie_07

160520_Cherie Currie_08

160520_Cherie Currie_09

160520_Cherie Currie_11

160520_Cherie Currie_12

160520_Cherie Currie_13

160520_Cherie Currie_14

160520_Cherie Currie_15

160520_Cherie Currie_16

160520_Cherie Currie_17

160520_Cherie Currie_18

160520_Cherie Currie_19

160520_Cherie Currie_20

160520_Cherie Currie_21

160520_Cherie Currie_22

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