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Street Photography – The Same Every Day

I love my walk to work.  i deliberately stay on the bus 2 stops so i can walk back along the waterfront to work.

i usually do this walk at around 7am.  in summer it’s light and in winter it’s dark.  So, if i time it right, i get to enjoy a range of different scenes as the year goes round.

right now, it’s winter in New Zealand and our shortest day will arrive in just a few weeks time.  which means i’m getting to see some awesome sun rises on the way to work!


i first started taking photos when i worked in london.  i made myself walk the 45 minutes from Paddington station across to Tottenham Court Road for the reason of fitness.  and also to save some money on the tube!

i pretty much walked the same way every day and quickly got familiar with the sights and sounds along the way.   it was then i noticed the small changes.  Traffic cones slowly moving down the street each morning, different numbers of milk bottles outside a cafe, an abandoned shoe.  i noticed all these things before i got a camera.

and so when when i did get a camera, these were the things i photos.  and that’s how i became a ‘mundanist’.

(these were the days before camera phones!)

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