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Street Photography – The Sharpener

I saw this guy in a Saturday market in the gorgeous little village of Matakana north of Auckland.  i walked past him a couple of times before i plucked up enough courage to talk to him.  i could have tried a sneaky shot of him from a distance, but i thought it would be a better image if i could get up close to him.   Also there were a few cars parked behind him so i needed to be slightly lower so they would be hidden behind him.

i spoke to him and he was happy for me to take the shot of him work.  i took a few and this was the best one.  it needed a little bit of post processing work to clean up a few things, but i was happy how it’s come out.  i sent him a copy to say thanks!

My message to myself if to be brave.  People can only say no, in which case just move on.  but if they say yes, then there’s always the potential for a great photo!

The Sharpener

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