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Viet Cong (now known as Preoccupations) live at the Kings Arms Auckland

160121_Viet Cong_01

great fun shooting the band currently known as Viet Cong

160121_Viet Cong_02

update: Viet Cong have now changed their name to Preoccupations

160121_Viet Cong_03

160121_Viet Cong_04

160121_Viet Cong_05

160121_Viet Cong_06

160121_Viet Cong_07

160121_Viet Cong_08

160121_Viet Cong_09

160121_Viet Cong_10

160121_Viet Cong_11

160121_Viet Cong_12
see the full set on flickr here:

160121 Viet Cong

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