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Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding live at the Hollywood Cinema, Auckland for UnderTheRadar. See the photos on UnderTheRadar here:

Aldous’ show was just amazing and quite an eye opener.  She’a already an amazing folk singer, but her latest tunes (and reworking of the old ones) brings a new confidence.  Her live shows are always intense affairs as she seems to inhabit her songs, but the live band freed her up even more and we even got some Aldous dancing!

She’s just signed to 4AD and her latest album is produced by John Parish who works with PJ Harvey (and was in Auckland a couple of weeks ago for her live gig).  You get the feeling world domination is very close!

The Hollywood Cinema is a lovely little venue and perfect for a gig of this size. Also on the bill was the simultaneously hilarious/poignant poet Hera Lindsay Bird (example of her work here – not safe for work!) and kiwi legend Robert Scott of The Bats, The Clean (and solo) fame.

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