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28 Jun 2014
Barely There

North Shore Salon

I entered a few photos in to this year’s North Shore Salon.  This is one of the most popular and prestigous photo competitions in New Zealand so i was delighted to get four awards – one honours, one highly commended and two accetances. You can see all the results on the North Shore Salon website here.  It’s well worth looking at the galleries to see some amazing images! Here are my winners: Barely There: Honours Summer on the Pier: Highly Commended Photobombing: Acceptance […]

08 Jun 2014


i went on a photowalk with a few friends on Thursday night. it’s great going out with other photographers and seeing how they see the world. i my new lensbaby to do some experimenting. we all came up with quite different images. you can see the full set here  

31 May 2014

Street Photography – The Same Every Day

I love my walk to work.  i deliberately stay on the bus 2 stops so i can walk back along the waterfront to work. i usually do this walk at around 7am.  in summer it’s light and in winter it’s dark.  So, if i time it right, i get to enjoy a range of different scenes as the year goes round. right now, it’s winter in New Zealand and our shortest day will arrive in just a few weeks time.  which means […]

27 Apr 2014

Finding time to capture the decisive moment

Photography is about capturing a moment: something that happens in a split of a second frozen in time by your camera. Capturing that special moment when everything lines up nicely requires a rare combination of technical skills, prior planning and most importantly luck.  Depending on what the kind of photography, it means being in the right place at the right time.  That might mean getting out of bed early to see a sunrise, or driving across town to a community event which has photo potential. I […]

18 Apr 2014

Street Photography – A right royal visit

The Royal Couple, William and Kate visited Auckland last week, so it was a good excuse to pop out during a wet lunch time to watch the crowds watching royalty! you can see my complete set of photos here which inlcude some of the royals themselves: https://www.flickr.com/photos/funkypancake/sets/72157643791796843/