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Violent Femmes

160301_Violent Femmes_05

legendary band the Violent Femmes played in Auckland this week and i was able to take some photos
160301_Violent Femmes_06

this was the first night of a two night visit to Auckland. Their visit also marked the occasion of the indefinite closure of the St James’ Theatre which is a great venue.  i’ll miss it, but hopefully it’ll be back in a year or two, fully refurbished and ready to rock again!

In addition to my photos i also recorded some video for a TV company which used it on their new reports

160301_Violent Femmes_07

The Violent Femmes did a complete rendition of their first album before playing some new stuff later on in the evening

160301_Violent Femmes_08

160301_Violent Femmes_09

160301_Violent Femmes_10

160301_Violent Femmes_11


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160301_Violent Femmes_01

160301_Violent Femmes_02

Support came from local duo Hopetoun Brown

160301_Hopetoun Brown_17

160301_Hopetoun Brown_18

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