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Tag : Banksy

13 Jan 2018

Banksy Balloon Girl

There’s an exhibition of Banksy Street Art on in Auckland at the moment so i thought i’d do a few posts of pictures i took of Banksy’s work as it appeared on the streets of London where i worked in the mid 2000s. This is arguably Banky’s most famous work – Balloon Girl – recently voted “the people’s number one favourite artwork” in 2017 in the UK by a poll by Samsung    

13 Jan 2018

Various Banksy Pieces

Here are a few more Banksy pieces i saw around the place when i was working in London 0800 Banksy This is not a photo opportunity Banksy phone box Buried treasure Thug for Life Smiley grim reaper What? (this one only lasted a few hours as it was sold and removed on its first morning) One Nation Under CCTV    

13 Jan 2018

Bankys Rats

Here’s a load of Banksy rats i saw at various locations across London. It was always a delight to see these little fellas hidden around the place.  Or not so hidden in the case of the bridge!

13 Jan 2018

Banksy Cans Festival

Here are some photos from the remains of Banksy’s Cans Festival from 2008.